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Tyre Recycling Plant | Tyre Recycling Machine Manufacturer

Technical Specifications

We offer Waste Tyre Recycling Plant of 12-tons machinery which is one of the huge machinery in India. Our 12-ton Waste Tyre Recycling plant is simple, superior, durable, and reliable. We have designed this machinery in such a way that it is easy to operate & low in maintenance. This system is designed in such a manner to get maximized performance with taking quality into consideration.

Technical Specifications-

Sr.No Details Specifications
1 Equipment Model DBM-12-1
2 Raw materials Waste Tyres & Plastics
3 Reactor Type Horizontal Rotary
4 Reactor Size 3000*7500 mm
5 Cooling Type Water Cooled
6 Heating Type Direct Heating
7 Heating Material Wood, Coal, Gases, Oil etc
8 Rated Power 25 kW
9 Working Pressure 0.05 to 0.1 Bar
10 Reactor Rotation Speed 0.4 rpm
11 Control System Computerized PLC + Manual
12 Reactor Weight Approx. 15000 kg
13 Machine Weight Approx. 50 to 55 MT
14 Process Timing 28 to 30 Hours/Batch*